ApkTool in Android

An All in One App To De-Compile , Re-Compile , Extract Meta-inf Folder , Add Meta-inf Folder , Sign , Zipalign , Jar to Dex and Dex To jar & Many more (Even All Lollipop Apps SDK 21) Right in Your Phone or tablet , No needed for a PC Anymore

This app is a continue for The open spurce ApkTool and with many imrprovements like adding Apktool v2.0 and many more So cridit for main application goes to chinese sources and people from AG Who worked Before me on This

*some people having issue with installing this as a regular app , for faster operation on decompile recompile recommended to manually push it to system apps or either patch to android signature ..

Small request : if anyone have a good key for sign please sign it and give me the key to use for next releases..

works for ArmV7 Devices
i will be glad if my App Be sticky in Developers Android hacking forum

ApkTools Is a well Known Android Reverse Engineering Tool that decrypt/translates an app or system apps To human language Code 

I made this app for my personal use now im sharing with you

it have Latest ApkTool v2.0 and other versions could be find in about , you can use two different apk tool

you can optionally decompile Dex or decompile resources only

And many other futures , even more easy than a PC

Just Import Frameworks And youre good to go

you may need a good cpu for faster Decompile/recompile consumed time will be shown
Custom motifications for jobs are implemented

Download :

v4.7 :

Download From Mega

I didnt share this to earn anything just to help people and easier developement , tell me if im wrong, i dont know the exact Cridits tell me and i will add to OP
Donations Welcome For Donation Plz Email/PM me

Plz Don't Ask Compile , Decompile related help questions and ApkTool related stuffs 

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