[Guide] [WINDOWS] Easily Port Boot.img - With Screenshots

Download the software from below link and copy to a new folder . example : boot_edit

Click Here To Download

Copy your stock boot.img to the "boot_edit" folder

Open " Boot_edit " folder then Press SHIFT + RIGHT BUTTON .
If you are one windows 7 , then try  CTRL + RIGHT BUTTON
Select " Open command window here "


Write down or copy-paste this code to the CMD window and press Enter

bootimg.exe --unpack-bootimg boot.img


Now you have unpacked your boot.img !


Now copy everything except Bootimg.exe (the app) to a new folder .  example : stock boot

Now copy your boot.img from Port rom ( the rom u want to port ) to "Boot_edit" folder and unpack boot.img (Same way you unpacked stook boot.img )

After completing unpack operation , Replace a file called "kernel " from your stock boot to port boot.img


In some case , if you get a bootloop , replace a file from stock to port called " ueventd.rc " too . (boot_edit/initrd/ueventd)

Credit : All Time Hitz

For Cross Porting Only (mediatek)  :  (ignore it if you are porting from same sock )

Open init.rc with Notepad++ and press CTRL + F
And write down your port rom's chipset  version .
If you are porting a rom from 6592 to 6582
Then search with "6592" and replace them with 6582 . Then save it .


Now It's time to repack your Boot.img .

Write down or copy-paste this code to CMD and press Enter

bootimg.exe --repack-bootimg

You are done !! You will get a file called " boot-new " . This is your patched boot.img .


Software Credit - Cofface .

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