Galaxy Y GT-S5360 Stock Indian Rom

Download Announcement
Apologies that dev-host seems to of implemented a new design that makes it hard to download the files

Use a pc to download or if on phone use Opera browser
Make sure you untick the box that says use their downloader if it's there
Click the "download now" button and not the "Download" button 

How To Use Odin
Install samsung usb drivers here (windows 8.1 run the setup in compatibility mode for win xp)

Turn phone off (or pull battery and put back in)
Put your phone into download mode - hold vol down home button then with them held also hold power button
Connect usb cable from phone to pc (use rear usb ports not front ones if you have front usb)
Push vol up to start connection (wait a few seconds if first time connecting so drivers can install themselves)
Open odin 3.07 which you can find by the power of google (other versions may work but thats the one I use)
If odin is connected it will say com then a number is a coloured box under com:id on the left hand side

Only auto reboot and F.reset time shoud be ticked - DO NOT tick anything else!

Put pda in pda
Put modem in phone
Put csc in csc

Start the flashing process 
Phone will automatically restart and boot once done

If you didnt select a wipe pack (says wipe in filename) or phone goes into a bootloop go into recovery and wipe data/reset


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