Easy Magic PhilZ Touch Installer for MediaTek Devices


It is based on Koush clockworkmod 6.x to which I added many features and a full reliable touch interface
It brings a true touch and scroll interface, fully customizable GUI, theme support, advanced nandroid options and much more

How to select your .android_secure path
  • In Custom Backup and Restore operations, you can select the target/source for android.secure or disable it
  • In stock backup/restore operations, include those started with ROM Manager, you can also force a target/source for .android_secure
  • basically, recovery will check first external storage for a .android_secure folder. If it doesn't find it, it will look in internal storage
  • If you want for example .android_secure to be in internal sd, just delete .android_secure folder from external sd and ensure there is a .android_secure folder in internal sd
  • for external sd, just ensure there is a .android_secure folder in it. It will be chosen what ever is the internal sd state

Custom Backup and Restore menu
  • This is one of the most powerful features of this recovery.
    It is made completely open source code, built from sratch. Just keep credits headers and give proper credit if you use them
  • You can select which partitions you want to backup or restore
  • You can choose your .android_secure source and target or even disable it
  • You can set it to reboot directly after job is done
  • backups will go under the folder clockworkmod/backup (please move all contents of custom_backup folder used in previous versions to the default backup folder in cwm)
  • TWRP backups go under stock TWRP/BACKUPS/device_id folder and will be automatically recognized by TWRP
  • Custom Restore Menu allows you to restore from any of the stock clockworkmod backups, the custom backups or the TWRP backups
  • efs is backed up under clockworkmod/backup/.efs_backup
    - efs must be selected alone for backup in cwm mode
    - it will create 2 copies: a tar and raw img backup using cat/dd command
    - to restore efs, under Custom Restore menu, select efs only and toggle between tar and .img
    - restore .img format is advised, but tar will work under most circumstances
  • modem.bin files can be named any_thing.bin and must go under clockworkmod/backup/.modem_bin
    - with that, you can flash modem.bin files that come with official firmware (may need unlocked devices for some models)
  • if you disable md5, your backups will no more be recognized by stock cwm builds. Look at next step to regenerate md5 for stock cwm compatibility. Otherwise, all stock and custom backups are backward compatible with stock cwm (except special partitions like preload, recovery, modem and efs which stock cwm doesn't support)
  • you can now recreate md5 sum for any backup you want. Use with caution!
  • temporary SElinux context backup and restore:
    users of stock 4.3 Samsung ROMs with restrictive SElinux context, can now enable backup and restore these: under Misc Nandroid Settings, enable the SElinux context option
    - once busybox tar is fixed under CyanogenMod repo, this workaround will no longer be needed and menu will be disabled

Open Recovery Script Support (ORS): revised and adapted from original sk8erwitskil source
  • On start, recovery looks automatically for "/cache/recovery/openrecoveryscript" installed by goomanager or any tasker. If it finds it, it is run and phone will reboot
  • You can also add custom ors scripts you edit your self:
    When pressing the ors menu, it will look at default locations for your custom scripts:
    "clockworkmod/ors" first in extra storage, then in internal sd. Put your custom scripts there with file extension .ors
    That way you can access your jobs (flash, wipe, backup, restore...) instantly
    If no scripts are found in default folder, you get option to browse both storage volumes for a custom location
  • To learn how to write ors scripts to automate your backup/restore/wipe/flash tasks, read here, it is very easy: http://wiki.rootzwiki.com/OpenRecoveryScript
  • Give Goomanager a try
  • All backup and restore options are supported include special partitions 1, 2 and 3 and even extra 4 and 5 partitions (could add modem, efs and preload linked to them later)
  • /preload will be included with /system if you enabled the /preload option in Misc Nandroid Settings
  • you have an extra here: you can set the target volume for ors backups under Misc Nandroid Settings menu
  • ors backups can be set to either TWRP or CWM format

Aroma File Manager Support *Adapted from amarullz and sk8erwitskil
You get here the possibility to browse your phone with root access in a friendly GUI file browser, while being in recovery
You even now get a terminal emulator to run in recovery
  • Download Aroma File Manager from its Home Page
  • Get the last version and rename the file aromafm.zip
  • Put the aromafm.zip in "clockworkmod/aromafm/aromafm.zip" in any of the storage volumes
  • In recovery, tap the Aroma File Manager menu or double tap any part of the screen outside menus
  • It will launch the file manager automatically
  • Double tap gesture linked to Aroma File Manager can be altered in the GUI Settings menu

Touch GUI Preferences:
This is another unique feature of this recovery and is built from scratch
  • You can toggle through 4 touch modes:
    Full Touch: menus are validated by touching them. I added extra checks to make it robust to validation by error while scrolling.
    Double Tap: menus are highlighted on first touch. To validate action, you need to double tap the same menu
    Semi Touch: the classic semi-touch interface I enhanced. Menus are selected/highlighted on first touch. You can scroll by swiping up/down, but no validation on touch.
    Disable Touch: touch code completely disabled. You have all gui options left, but only hardware keys
  • When Full Touch mode is selected, it will automatically set recommended menu height, touch accuracy and scroll sensitivity. You can alter them later if you want
  • Scroll sensitivity controls scrolling on swipe up/down. Lower values are the most sensitive. Adjust this based on selected menu height
  • Touch accuracy: increase it if your touch gestures are not well accounted for
  • Config files are saved in /data/philz-touch/philz-touch_x.ini file.
  • You can do a backup of your settings file, it will go under /sdcard/clockworkmod/philz-touch.ini.bak
  • You can choose to be prompted to restore your settings whenever they are wiped while you have a backup. You can also set recovery to auto-restore them when needed. This check is done when you reboot to main system from within recovery
  • There are many gesture actions that you can setup at your wish (some default actions are setup by default)
  • Long press/move is the bad equivalent to a long press gesture action: just that after 0.6 sec of touch, slightly move your finger or change the pressure surface without actually lifting it
  • Your screen should auto-dim automatically after one minute and turn off after 3 mn. You can change those time settings. Just touch the screen to reset brightness and turn it on (some devices need to press hardware button)
  • All GUI parts can be customized: menu hight, text colors, menu colors, selection colors, background color and icon, menu seprators, battery and clock, header text...
  • To setup a custom background image: put a png image with your device resolution in a folder clockworkmod/custom_res
  • You can take screen shots from recovery display by the slide left gesture (change it at your wish). Pics captures will go under clockworkmod/screen_shots folder. External storage will be always used first. If no external storage is found, internal storage is used. You can take up to 999 pics before it resets to 1

Setup Free Browse Mode and Multi-zip Installer:

Free Browse Mode:
  • You can setup a default folder from where the Install Zip menu will start
  • From within your set default folder, you can now browse backward up to the root file system to install a zip file
Multi-zip Installer menu:
  • Lets you select multiple zip files to flash at the same time
  • The zip files must go into a subfolder under: "clockworkmod/multi_flash"
  • At least one subfolder with your zip files must be created. You can create as many subfolders as you want
  • exp: clockworkmod/multi_flash/NEAT_ROM_files

Pause on Logs:
  • Pause on Logs: when enabled, after flashing a zip file or doing a nandroid job, you will be prompted for a key to return to menu display. That way, logs are kept in full screen. Obviously, no pause will be performed on boot scripts and multi-zip operations



Supported MediaTek devices - Arm11, Cortex-A9, Cortex-A7


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