Disabling The Second Core Of Your Device To Save Power

There are two types of Android users. Those who worry about battery life, and those that actually do something about it. There’s always a balance in pursuing battery life savings. I mean if you don’t use your phone you save almost 100% of your battery. If you use your phone non-stop with all it’s feature set you’ll drain it in no time. In other words it’s a balance between using your phone now or saving to use later.
Core2 Management is a horribly ugly app that lets you turn off your second core.
Core2 Management
Core2 Management is one of those apps that will only find a home with the nerdiest of Android users. Basically, it disables the second core of your dual core device in an effort to save power. My guess is that this is specifically for those time where you need to keep your phone on but want it running in it’s most minimal power state. This is interesting on two levels. First, there’s a least a little debate on whether multi-core phones save battery life or not. A few years ago, Nvidia published results that showed dual core phones could save on battery life because each one wasn't running at full capacity. At the same time, multi-core phones do in fact have more horsepower and thus require more electricity to get the job done.
Core2 Management only works with multi-cored Samsung devices and, honestly, I don’t know if I’d try it out (if the thought of undervolting or overclocking your phone makes you queasy this isn't the app for you). It will require a rooted phone with some version of Busybox installed. I hope your phone doesn’t blow up! I kid. It probably won’t.
Free Android App: Core2 Management

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