[SCRIPTS] Unpack / repack MT65xx/MT83xx boot.img, recovery.img or logo.bin

If you are looking for a way to easily unpack / repack boot.img, recovery.img or logo.bin from your MediaTek device, don't look any further. Here you can find my own Perl scripts.

Scripts were first based on the ones available onAndroid-DLS WiKi, but are now highly modified in order to work with specific MTK boot and recovery images. The scripts fully work with every image from all known MediaTek SoC:
  • MT6516
  • MT65x3 (MT6513 and MT6573)
  • MT65x5 (MT6515 and MT6575)
  • MT6577
  • MT65x2 (MT6572, MT6582 and MT6592)
  • MT6589
  • MT83xx (MT8377 and MT8389)
  • MT6595

The most up to date version of the scripts is always available at my public github repository:bgcngm/mtk-tools. Scripts require Perl v5.14+ to be installed and were fully tested under Ubuntu 12.04 as well as Windows 7 x64 (using Cygwin).

Please don't just leech the files and go away. You can easily say thanks just by pressing "Thanks" button.
Unpack script usage:
Usage: unpack-MTK.pl <infile> [COMMAND ...]
  Unpacks boot, recovery or logo image

Optional COMMANDs are:

    Display boot or recovery image information only
     (useful to check image information without unpacking)

    Extract kernel only from boot or recovery image

    Extract ramdisk only from boot or recovery image

  -force_logo_res <width> <height>
    Forces logo image file to be unpacked by specifying image resolution,
    which must be entered in pixels
     (only useful when no zlib compressed images are found)

    Invert image resolution (width <-> height)
     (may be useful when extracted images appear to be broken)
Repack script usage:
Usage: repack-MTK.pl <COMMAND ...> <outfile>


  -boot [--more_verbose] <kernel> <ramdisk-directory>
    Repacks boot image

  -recovery [--more_verbose] <kernel> <ramdisk-directory>
    Repacks recovery image

  -logo [--no_compression] <logo-directory>
    Repacks logo image
Version history:
  • modified to work with MT6516 boot and recovery images (17-03-2011)
  • included support for MT65x3 and eliminated the need of header files (16-10-2011)
  • added cygwin mkbootimg binary and propper fix (17-05-2012)
  • included support for MT65xx logo images (31-07-2012)
  • fixed problem unpacking logo images containing more than nine packed rgb565 raw files (29-11-2012)
  • re-written logo images file verification (29-12-2012)
  • image resolution is now calculated and shown when unpacking logo images (02-01-2013)
  • added colored screen output (04-01-2013)
  • included support for logo images containing uncompressed raw files (06-01-2013)
  • more verbose output when unpacking boot and recovery images (13-01-2013)
  • kernel or ramdisk extraction only is now supported (13-01-2013)
  • re-written check of needed binaries (13-01-2013)
  • ramdisk.cpio.gz deleted after successful extraction (15-01-2013)
  • added rgb565 <=> png images conversion (27-01-2013)
  • code cleanup and revised verbose output (16-10-2014)
  • boot or recovery is now extracted to the working directory (16-10-2014)
  • unpack result is stored on the working directory, despite of the input file path (17-10-2014)
  • added support for new platforms - MT6595 (thanks @carliv) (29-12-2014)
  • minor code cleanup and revised information output for boot and recovery images (29-12-2014)
  • make scripts more future-proof by supporting even more args (30-12-2014)
  • continue repacking even if there's no extra args file (01-01-2015)
  • more verbose output when repacking boot and recovery images (02-01-2015)
  • added new cmdline option for eventual debugging when repacking boot and recovery images (02-01-2015)

  • Android-DLS for the initial scripts
  • starix (from forum.china-iphone.ru) for the decryption of logo.bin files structure
  • carliv (from forum.xda-developers.com) for new platform support and new binaries

Editing .rgb565 raw files
There may be other ways for doing this, but here's a short info that will help you to edit .rgb656 raw files found inside MTK logo images.
  • Download and install Paint.NET
  • Download the attached plugin and copy the RGB565.dll file to the folder: "C:\Program Files\Paint.Net\FileTypes"
  • Open the .rgb565 file and enter image height and width


The plugin will allow read and write support to the RGB565 or RAW565 format. This format is used by the Android platform for the initial boot screen of the device. It will also allow you to open a BMP, PNG, JPG or other image and save it as a RGB565 file.

RGB565 is simply the raw pixel data of a bitmap file. It does not contain any header information and does not contain the dimensions of the image. The only thing that is known is the total number of pixels. When opening a .rgb565 file, the user must specify the height and width of the image, which is the resolution of your device's screen.
Just as an example, for a device with a 540 x 960 screen, the .rgb565 file for that device will have 518400 pixels. The size of the file in bytes will be twice the number of pixels, i.e. 1036800 bytes.


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