[Script] Quick Deodex Tool (v1.0.2)

Well, if you ever tried to deodex a single APK file you should know how tricky this process can be. Searching XDA we find various tools and tutorials in how to deodex but most of them may look complicated enough to make a newbie or an user that never messed around with Android system give up. So, I wrote my own script to simplify two tasks: deodexing and zipaligning. I also made this script with newbies in mind, so, I did my best to make this tool as straightforward, small and portable as possible.

• For Linux, you need OpenJDK 6 or newer
• For Windows, you need Java SE runtime 6 or newer

Please note Quick Deodex doesn't work with Lollipop ROMs yet. The directory layout changed and the process differs a little bit. I'm analysing how odex files works in Lollipop and will update the script accordingly. Thanks for the patience 

• Download the script and extract it somewhere
• Grab a copy of the folders "framework", "app" and "priv-app" (optional, KitKat only) and put them inside "files" folder
• Run quick_deodex.bat (or quick_deodex.sh on Linux) and wait while the files are being deodexed
• After the script finishes, all files inside the folders you copied before will now be deodexed and zipaligned.
Any file that fail to deodex will be skipped and left intact, so you can fix what caused the problem and run the tool again. If all files fail to deodex, make sure Java runtimes are installed properly

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I keep getting "Framework not found" error. What should I do?
A: For most APKs you can only deodex if you have the framework files, so, I made this a requirement, even if you want to deodex only a single file. In that case, grab a copy of "framework" folder from the same ROM you got the APK and run this script again, it'll fix that.

Q: I'm trying to deodex an entire ROM but some files get errors and aren't deodexed. What should I do?
A: This usually occur only if the files you're trying to deodex and the framework are from different ROM versions. If the files are all from the same ROM version and you're still getting this, try updating smali and baksmali components used by this script by downloading an updated copy and replacing the ones this script uses (located in "tools" folder).

Version 1.0.2
• Minor bug fixes (Linux only)

Version 1.0.1
• Now compatible with Linux

Version 1.0
• Initial release
Attached Files
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