[PORT][RECOVERY] Carliv Touch Recovery v2.7 [Jellybean] for porting to MTK phones

The version 2.7 is the final version for Jellybean kernels (or older). This is the end of the road for it. Won't be more updates. Instead for newer kernels (kitkat, maybe lollipop) you should check my new version.

Rooting your phone and using custom Recoveries and ROMS have risks and may result in bricking your device, and has nothing to do with Google or the device manufacturers. In case of any mishap I am not responsible if you brick/ruin your phone in any way.
Basic computer skills are required and minimal knowledges about phones and phones utilities too.
Make sure that whatever you do, you are doing it at your own responsibility.

It is a CWM based recovery and is compatible with it. In this version I used Napstar-xda's full touch module as base. The navigation it is posible by touching the menu item. In long display menu (as choose zip from sdcard) for scroll page down Swipe Right and for scroll page up Swipe Left. For Go Back also Swipe Left. 
If the Swipe doesn't work (usually if your phone is multitouch but has only 2 points of touch), use bottom virtual navigation keys or volume buttons Down for Scroll down, Up for Scroll up, and the back button for Go Back.

Version 2.7 update (11-dec-2014):

- rebuilt from base (cwm and add improvements on top.
- reintegrated bottom virtual navigation keys, to compensate the non-function of swipe in some phones
- better compressed backups integration - pigz support from cm-11
- new "nvram backup/restore" menu functionality: the nvram partition will be backed up in clockworkmod/backup/.nvram/nvram-xxxxx folder as nvram.img. This will help if you lose IMEI and other communication features. It will work only if you have the nvram partition defined in recovery.fstab. If the nvram partition is damaged (as in flashing an oversized recovery) this will not help you, and you need SPFlashTools to reflash with format your phone official firmware, and after that flash this recovery, boot in recovery and restore nvram.
- the recovery has now an increased stability, many issues are solved
- the content of the backup folder will contain only what an usual clockworkmod backup contain, and that will make it easy to restore backups made with older versions.
- new GUI images, very light (the difference between non-touch modded cwm and this one is only 14 Kb, for 720x1280 resolution)
- some other changes.

You can flash in recovery the attached AromaFM_installer.zip, and the aromafm.zip will be placed at its place, so you can use aroma fm menu.

For port follow my new guide from here. If you want to use the automated method, that works only for older versions at my friend yuweng's thread

Currently there are two lunfile paths in the world of mtk devices. This will make your USB Mass storage to work in recovery or not. Search that path in your device to see what you have.
  • Lunfile path 1 (old): "/sys/devices/platform/mt_usb/gadget/lun%d/file" - this can be found in many devices mt6572, mt6589, mt6589T, and other old ones.
  • Lunfile path 2 (new): "/sys/devices/platform/mt_usb/musb-hdrc.0/gadget/lun%d/file" - this is related to new devices mt6582, mt6592...
Find where is your path and download the image to port from correct section.
There are two sections, corresponding to those two lunfile paths, with 15 images each. These 15 images are corresponding to different resolutions. Choose the one that match exactly your phone resolution. If your phone has the resolution 720x1280, then take an image with "720x1280" in name. There are few landscape versions for tablets with landscape format, so don't confuse "720x1280" with "1280x720".

Lunfile path 1 (old): "/sys/devices/platform/mt_usb/gadget/lun%d/file"
Download your resolution from HERE.

Lunfile path 2 (new): "/sys/devices/platform/mt_usb/musb-hdrc.0/gadget/lun%d/file"
Download your resolution from HERE.


These are compiled recoveries for porting purposes only. DON'T take any of them and flash it in your phone as it is. It won't work, they include a dummy kernel. You need to port it to your device as I show in my guide, to make it work.

Napstar-xda - for touch module;
Philz-cwm6 - for get partition size method;
xiaolu - for the new fonts;
C3C0 - for initial mtk tweack hint - Unused now;
Koush and all CWM team for the recovery;
bgcngm for unpack/repack utils;
sk8erwitskil for aromafm menu

RULES for posting your ports!
If you manage to port this to your device, add proper credits in your thread, post or article.
If you want that to be posted in a list with working devices, then post here a link to the thread or the post on xda (only on xda). Why not a free hosting link, like google drive, dev-host, mega-coz or other? Because if in the future you will port a new version, you have to replace it in that thread or post and the link from list remain the same.

There is a possibility that the touch feature to not work in all phones. It was tested in many phones, and in some of them it doesn't work. There isn't a switch, a toggle or other method to make it to work, it depends on your phone touchscreen capability from recovery. If this doesn't work in your phone, I'm sorry, it happens, and my advice is to try something else.

Few clarifications:
  • I provided all necessary infos to help you to port it to your devices.
  • It is ment to be ported to all MTK devices, but this doesn't mean it will work in all.
  • In some devices with a cheap screen display (usually those with anly one or two points of touch) there is a big chance to not work, or to work only partial.
  • If the recovery has the screen flipped, you need to use the non-touch version, and to compile it by yourself from source, or to ask a developer from your device to do it, with BOARD_HAS_FLIPPED_SCREEN true flag in device BoardConfig.
  • This recovery is compiled in CM-10.1 environment (android 4.2.2) and is proved to be working in devices with kernels up to Android 4.3. For kitkat use my new version.
  • The main purpose for this recovery was to keep it under 6Mb, to fit in that small recovery partition that was used in these MTK phones.
  • If your phone's kernel is bigger than 4.3Mb and the recovery size is 6Mb, don't botter to try it. It won't work, because it will exceede those 6Mb.

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