[DEV][OTA] CyanogenMod 11.0 Galaxy 551/Callisto (GT-I5510) Port [androidarmv6]

CyanogenMod 11.0 Galaxy 551/Callisto (GT-I5510) Port [androidarmv6] [OTA enabled]
Current port status: release candidate - should be suitable for daily use
Latest release: Over The Air (OTA) build - updated regularly

Hey folks,

This is a port of CyanogenMod 11.0 (using theandroidarmv6 fork) for the Samsung Galaxy 551 (GT-I5510 or "Callisto") series phones. The current version is Android 4.4.2. Please note that this is an Over The Air (OTA) enabled ROM.


First-time installation:
  • Download and install the latest OTA-enabled build from:http://download.androidarmv6.org/_builds/callisto/
  • If you are upgrading from a different Android revision, perform a data-wipe.
  • ROM updates will now be available via the built-in OTA update mechanism (see below).

OTA update instructions:
  • Navigate to Settings -> About phone -> CyanogenMod updates.
  • Ensure that Update types is set to New versions (incl. Nightlies).
  • Click the refresh icon, and new updates will be displayed inside the app. Click on the desired version to begin the download, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the upgrade process.

Thanks [Samsung androidarmv6 crew]:
  • WaylandAce
  • TheWhisp
  • rohan007
  • michie
  • hrk
  • erikcas
  • bieltv3
  • tilal6991
  • KonstaT
  • psyke83
  • ankur850

Source Code:

ClockworkMod v6.0.5.3 or later is mandatory in order to install CM11, or else you will experience "status 0" errors when attempting to flash ROMs that have hardware TLS enabled.

How to update ClockworkMod recovery:
  • Download the latest callisto recovery.img available from the Jenkins cm-recovery job list, and copy to your device's /sdcard.
  • Flash the image by entering the following commands in the terminal emulator app:
    flash_image recoveryonly /sdcard/recovery.img

Useful resources:
1. simple2ext_mod - modified version of S2E app2sd app updated to support CM11 (and is fully compatible with OTA updates, unlike most other app2sd solutions) [thanks: @psyke83 ] 
2. Gapps Basic packages for CM11 (note: be sure to use the SD-EXT package v2.1 or later for callisto) [thanks: @Bhargav97 & @psyke83]
3. AZERTY keyboard patch - flashable recovery package; won't break delta OTA updates, but a full OTA package update will wipe the changes, requiring the package to be re-installed) [thanks: @aldweb]

CM11 builds with kernel 3.0 - testers required
WARNING: certain builds may not boot, for various reasons. You should be prepared to reflash a working ROM if necessary.

Due to @Mm7's excellent work in getting the partial source FSR driver working for the other Gingerbread devices, it seems like a good time to resume work on the 3.0 kernel. Since I don't have a galaxy5, beni, callisto or tass in my posession, I need some people to test some experimental builds that use kernel 3.0.

Current status:
  • All builds are booting
  • All drivers (on all builds) have been reported as working correctly

Needs testing (compare the behaviour to the old kernel):
  • General stability
  • General performance
  • Battery consumption / deep sleep
  • WiFi suspend stability
  • SD card and/or USB transfer speed issues
  • Audio stutters/microstutters during playback when phone is idle
  • Potential lag during wake from idle

beni: cm11 build #1165 (updated: November 14th)
callisto: cm11 build #1177 (updated: November 24th)
cooper: cm11 build #1199 (updated: December 6th)
galaxy5: cm11 build #1198 (updated: December 4th)
gio: @erikcas is testing private builds
tass: cm11 build #1138 (updated: November 10th)

1. Perform a full CWM backup before proceeding (a data-wipe will be mandatory*, and your backup will also insure against potential data-loss).
2. Optional: if possible, use a backup SD card during testing to avoid potential data-loss.
3. Perform a data wipe*, and install the CM11 build.

Please give feedback on what is working and not working compared to the regular build. Particular focus should be on hardware components - for example, wifi, touchscreen, camera, bluetooth, sensors, etc. Try to ensure that everything works. 

Please upload a dmesg and logcat (taken shortly after boot completion) for me to examine, even if the build is not giving any obvious problems. Just make sure to mention the build # and your phone modelwhen providing me with feedback. Thanks!

To capture logs (best done shortly after boot completion so that I can see the beginning of the logs):
cd /sdcard
logcat -d >logcat.txt
dmesg >dmesg.txt
* If you insist on installing the cm11 build over an OTA installation without a data-wipe, you'll need to edit the updater-script and remove the line beginning with sha1_check. To go back to an OTA build (without wiping), you'll need to perform the same step on the updater-script of a full OTA package as well.

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