Cyanogen mod boot animation v3

Click here to download This Boot animation

How To Use Bootanomation

1: Your phone must be rooted. If not rooted
  please root your phone.
 Here Is the Complete Guide of Rooting

2: Root explorer (Click Here to Download )


Step 1:Download the from the
 Downloading Link and move it to your
 phone ( SD card or internal storage ).

Step 2:Now navigate to system/media through Root

Step 3: You can find an existing there. Copy it and keep
 somewhere in your sd card or internal memory.
 ( This is for restoring back to your stock
 bootanimation in case you don’t like this )

Step 4:Now replace the existing thing with the you downloaded.

Step 5:Now in root explorer select the file and
 click set permissions. Set the permission as
 rw-r–r– Exit root explorer and restart
 your phone.

   Enjoy ! 

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